Kine-Gate's "High Performance" Rotary Hinge

A Gate Operator That Sets The Standard for Commercial Swing Gate Systems

  1. Small and powerful. The bottom hinge is a combination of rotation and support

  2. Able to carry and actuate very heavy gate leaves easily

  3. Capable of opening and closing at high speeds

  4. Linear deceleration devices stop the gate with a cushioned slow down

  5. Universal mount allows swing-in or swing-out installations

  6. No routine maintenance is required

  7. Engineered for many cycles to allow years of trouble free operation

Our operator is small and compact, about the size of a 1 lb. coffee can. This small size allows us to conceal the actuator from sight
in most applications so only the gate leaves are visible.

With its ability to carry heavy weight, we can offer very long and / or very heavy gate designs out of solid hardwood and forged
steel or bronze.

Your Single Source For Integrated High Performance Gate Systems