Gate Integrated System Components

What is a Kine-Gate Integrated System?
Our integrated system typically includes: the gate, the system controller, our high-performance operators, the safety and
communication phone package. Our systems are built, assembled, run and tested inside our facility prior to being shipped for

The Kine-Gate Systems Controller

Our gate system controller, the "brains" of the system, is mounted in a weatherproof fiberglass enclosure typically within 20
feet of the gate. It is positioned for optimum visibility for servicing.

Our "High Performance" Gate Operators
We offer a wide selection of "high performance" hydraulic swing gate operators to accommodate any requirement. Our gate
operators are in use at high-security applications like embassies, premier commercial applications such as exclusive resorts,
hotels and corporate retreats, and high-end residential gates. Reliable gate operator performance is the key to success.

Communication & Control
A Kine-Gate System typically has a telephone entry device with keypad access for high performance security and simplified communication with visitors. These systems can be easily integrated with any existing "smart home" electronics.

Infrared Photo Beams for Safety
We install photo beams to protect the swing area of the gate.  These photo beams will hold the gate in the open position or
return the gate to the open position if interrupted during the closing cycle.

In-Ground Safety & Control Loops
In addition to the photo beams, we install safety loops below the surface of the driveway. If the gate is open and there
is a vehicle in proximity to the loop, the gate will not begin its closing cycle until it has been cleared. Loops can also be used
las control devices for gate opening, lighting and surveillance cameras.

Free Exit Probe
Our in ground probe or loop for wider driveways will open the gate for all exiting traffic. The free exit device can be mounted
up to 200 feet away.

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